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Bio-inspired solutions
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Bacteria Decoration
Bacteria Decoration

Inspired by nature, motivated by health

At inSoma Bio we borrow nature’s own designs to develop unique products for reconstructive plastic surgery. Our product enables surgeons to use a person’s own tissue instead of synthetic implants and fillers to improve procedures like breast and facial reconstruction.

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Fractomer Biomatrix

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Fractomers are based on protein sequences naturally found in the human body.

Tissue Supportive

Fractomers provide support, shape, and biointegration for co-injected cells or tissues.

Thermal Switch

We have built in a thermal switch, so that our materials are only activated at body temperature.


Our materials are designed at the genetic level and produced without the need to harvest natural tissue.

Our team

Meet the Founders

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Stefan Roberts, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Roberts has worked in biomaterials design and development for nearly a decade. He developed inSoma’s foundational technology as part of his dissertation at Duke University.

Ashutosh Chilkoti, PhD


Dr. Chilkoti is the chair of the Biomedical Engineering Dept. at Duke University and a successful serial founder, with experience taking university-developed research though commercial exit.

Scott Hollenbeck, MD

Lead Medical Advisor

Dr. Hollenbeck is Chair of the University of Virginia Dept. of Plastic and Maxillofacial Surgery  where he leverages his 20 years of surgical expertise to solve the most critical problems his patients face.

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July 19th, 2022

$2M grant awarded from the National Cancer Institute

inSoma is thrilled to announce we have been awarded $2M from the National Cancer Institute to develop our fat grafting scaffold as a safe and natural alternative to silicone implants for patients opting for breast reconstruction.

September 21st, 2021

inSoma Awarded NIH Grant to Develop 3D Cell Culture Platform

inSoma Bio is excited to announced we have been awarded additional support funding from the National Institute of Health (NIH) for the development of a 3D cell culture platform for organoids and stem cells. This new technology will be validated by the University of Chapel Hill for its unique ability to grow and release sensitive cell types from culture without the need for harmful enzymes.

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July 21st, 2021

inSoma Awarded NSF Grant to Advance Tissue Reconstruction

inSoma Bio has been awarded a highly competitive grant through the National Science Foundation (NSF) to further developed our Fractomer product for use in soft tissue reconstruction. This support will allow inSoma to further develop our Fractomer scaffold into a full suite of products suitable for use in several unique plastic surgery markets.


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