At room temperature, Fractomer looks and behaves like water. At body temperature, Fractomer rapidly forms a solid, porous scaffold.
Switcher Cold – Warm Cold
Switcher Cold – Warm Warm

A Thermal-Switch

Proteins form the essential, insoluble backbone of our cellular environment. We genetically engineer protein-based materials to mimic those naturally found in this environment. By borrowing from nature’s toolbox, we further modify these proteins to assemble only with body heat allowing complex cellular environments to be created with simple solution injections. These materials can be handled as simple, low-viscosity fluids, easily adaptable to current state-of-the-art procedures.


Co-Injection with Fat

Because our materials only form a scaffold at body temperature, they can be easily seeded with cells or tissue such as fat acquired via liposuction. Our material provides a natural, shapable scaffold that mimics tissue structure, stabilizing the shape and increasing the effective volume of the injected fat.

The best of both worlds

Recombinant Solution

Current bio-compatible materials are inadequate for soft-tissue reconstruction as they are either costly, side-effect prone allografts or short-lived synthetic polymer placeholders. By genetically engineering artificial proteins that mimic natural cellular environments, we can merge the low-cost manufacturing and design control of synthetic polymers with the natural tissue integration of native proteins.